Sunset Canyonlands National Park Tour

dan itibaren USD 279,00 $
  • Süre: 60 Dakika (Tahmini)
  • Lokasyon: Moab, UT
  • Ürün kodu: SUNCAN

This spectacular Canyonlands airplane tour will carry you above the fantastic scenery of the northern district of Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky. Majestic 1000-foot high cliffs rise above the Colorado and Green Rivers, which border it on either side. Serpentine drainage systems are carved into the terrain below the cliffs. Upheaval Dome can be seen at its northern end; the Confluence of the two rivers form the district’s southernmost point. Then on to the Needles District, the most fanciful and colorful portion of Canyonlands. Pink and white bands can be seen in its many spires and cliffs, and it is the home of some of the most remote and famous arches of canyon country. Difficult to reach by hiking and extremely beautiful, Angel Arch and Druid Arches are the best known. Elephant Arch, Kirk Arch, Wedding Ring Arch and Castle Arch, hidden away in the backcountry, are also included. Photographic opportunities abound!

What you’ll see:

Island in the Sky
Upheaval Dome
The Colorado and Green Rivers
The Needles in the Needles District
Druid Arch
Elephant Arch
Angel Arch
Kirk Arch
Wedding Ring Arch
Castle Arch